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Philippines Lifestyle

I love the smiles of the people in different photos.


Graceful Decadence

Wow..the lady's face is awsome...its like i can feel the warmth of her smile!
Those 3 kids are super!


hi! been checking out your photoblog for a while. you've got great photos here!


Great portraits!


nice smiles :) these are the ones that i also want to take.


terrific portraits, particualrly the shy lady in the first picture - it's really nice to see such a big smile!


"Manang" with that beautiful smile in her eyes...say it all!


These are wonderful portraits. I particularly like the first one.

I love lots of recent images, but the one with the women in the window is outstanding.


I really like the first one. What a beautiful smile and casual elegance.


I love the first photo of the woman. She has so much expression and character and you captured it wonderfully.


aaaah, the filipinos' famous smiles despite the odds...thanks for capturing our spirit tito sidney.


You’ve always done a magnificent job of capturing peoples expressions. Keep up the good work =)


I love portraits like these.


I love the last pictures with the kids!!!


Captivating as always.

[t e r r o r k i t t e n]

These are beautiful sidney as most things are on here but the top portrait is it. Phil

Ashish Sidapara

First portait of the lady is just awesome, one can feel the happiness .. superb!!

Erik - HedinMedia

You got some really great portraits on your blog. Great work!

Thanks for stopping by my blog.


Hey Sidney! It sure has been a long time since I've commented here. I kept checking back while you were away. Glad to see so many vibrant and wonderful photos! There has been much that I have missed, but hopefully I can attempt to keep up with your posts from now on. I really love the first two shots here, but they all make me smile. You were one of the people who inspired me into taking pictures of people, so I must thank you for that!

Ladybug's Leaf

The woman in the top photo is SO beautiful. This is my favorite portrait of yours so far.


Great expressions in all the pictures. The first is my favorite.


I admire you ... to produce such beautiful images day after day! Stunning!


The children look so adorable! Lovely portrait.

david kleinert

lovely portraits Sidney!

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